There are many reasons that a Fun Casino is the perfect party entertainment.

  1. We are suitable for all ages.
  2. We give your event a “wow” factor.
  3. Great value for money v a Magician or other entertainer.
  4. Works well alongside other entertainment like a band etc.
  5. You get to learn things and hear storiesĀ from our croupiers.
  6. We can be set up at any venue.
  7. No effort for the organiser- we do everything !
  8. Great excuse to get dressed up and have a party.
  9. Great ice breaker for any type of gathering.
  10. Superb photo opportunities for all of those social media lovers that we all know !
  11. We can help raise money or the profile of your company/charity.
  12. Making the event competitive with a small winners prize rounds off a great night.