Everyone knows that entertainment can make or break an event. Either the lack of or the wrong type. A classic way to entertain guests is by hiring casino tables. In this article, we’ll explain four reasons why you should consider hiring casino tables with dealers to give your guests a whirl of a time that sticks in their minds. 

Risk-Free Gambling

If you didn’t already know, residents of the UK love to gamble. Despite being statistically likely to lose every time, dopamine release is a strong attraction to play any game with a possible financial reward. 

The European Business Review published a report on Statista showing that over 45% of the UK gamble at least once a month. You could assume that 45% of your guests place bets, and those that don’t are concerned about the risks. 

As humans, we love to compete for rewards. While the rewards aren’t financial, dealers of hired casino tables often offer prizes to those who win a game. This element of competition can keep your guest gripped to the game and encourage others to participate in risk-free gambling. 


Variety of Casino Table Games to Hire

Like sports, there are lots of casino games. They fit into different categories like table games such as blackjack, gaming machines including slot machines, and random numbers like bingo and the lottery. 

There are several table games you can hire, but the most popular include Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud and Texas Hold-Em poker, which we at Sevens Casino Nights offer.

Depending on the size of your event, you could have all the tables or just one or two. If you’re unsure of the best table for your guest, we’re able to offer advice. 


Attracts Guests Like a Magnet

Since records began, Las Vegas has grown in popularity. Many residents in the UK travel for the thrill of huge luxurious casinos. However, it’s not cheap travelling and staying on the other side of the world. 

Hiring a casino table often comes with props like red rope barriers, large cards on display stands and neon signs making your guest feel like they’re stepping into a real casino. Especially with the knowledge of the number of UK residents who enjoy gambling, a table is more than likely going to attract nearly half of your guests as a minimum. 


Perfect for Almost Any Event

Over the years of our establishment, we’ve attended various events. From fundraising to corporate events, birthdays to weddings, and everything in between. Not only has our business grown, but we’ve also learnt that it’s practically impossible to go wrong with at least one casino table. 

As we’ve mentioned, it’s risk-less gambling fun with the possibility of winning prizes from the dealer, a variety of different tables, and guests just feel compelled to go over to the tables to find out what’s happening.