Almost everyone has attended a party they regretted going to. So if you’re one organizer who doesn’t want to be deleted from anyone’s list, then here are a few rules you should follow to throw a truly unforgettable and epic party.

Choose Your Location Wisely

A lot of people underestimate the importance of good location, but just because everyone has access to Google maps doesn’t mean people would automatically use it, so you shouldn’t assume that they would. No matter how grand your party plans are, if people can’t find where it is, they’ll be less inclined to attend. Make sure that there’s also a lot of parking space. Guests will be more than happy to pay a little bit extra if it means they don’t have to waste hours looking for a place to park and if it ensures the safety of their cars, too.

Stock Up On Ice

Nothing can ruin the mood of your party than drinking a beverage that’s hot enough to be bath water. Apart from stocking up on drinks, make sure that you have enough ice to keep the party flowing. Chances are, you’ll remember to buy cases of assorted beverages but won’t have enough space to chill them. Having ice on hand will ensure that everyone is refreshed and that no one will ever lose their cool (pun intended).

Get Your Guests to Interact

The key to any great party is to make sure everyone is always having a good time. So it makes a lot of sense to invest in activities that will keep people entertained. Consider having games so that people will have something to do while waiting for their food or for other people to arrive. One good trick is to write a few questions on popsicle sticks, put them in a mason jar and place the jars in the middle of the table. It’s a great way to break the ice and for your guests to know each other better. Plus, it’s a lot more affordable than flowers.

Capture the Best Moments

Rather than spending money on giveaways and goodies that have nothing to do with your party, why not invest in a photo booth or a photographer who can capture the most exciting moments of your party? From funny to jubilant and yes, even embarrassing, your guests will surely reminisce and appreciate the great time they had at your party by looking at photos that weren’t taken on their phone.

Give Them a Rollicking Good Time

People go to parties so they can have fun, meet new people and let go of some of the pressures they take on during their everyday lives. We believe that one of the best ways to help your guests achieve all three goals is through a Casino-themed party. Think about it: they’re able to take risks and feel the thrill of winning without the real-life consequences of having to lose money or incurring massive debt. Not only that, they’re also able to meet new people without the awkward introductions. It’s a guaranteed win-win for everyone!