At Sevens Casino Nights we have been providing poker entertainment for both corporate and home games for years.

Martin has experience of dealing  world class games, including televised tournaments and has Poker tutorial videos on youtube.

We have a number of quite brilliant poker dealers available, and quality pokertables that are the envy of many.

We would love to entertain for your home poker game- use the contact us tab above to email us or call Martin on 07813 001315

7 Steps for a Home Poker Night

1.Get the invites out and even start a social media poker night “event page”

2. Set the parameters to ensure the night stays enjoyable for all – including the big question….are partners allowed !?

3 Book a trusted company to provide great equipment and professional croupiers- that is us !

A quality table, quality chips and stylish dealing will set this party apart.

4 The right space and ambiance. Make sure there is plenty of room and choose the right music or even live sports event to accompany the game.

5. Provide great snack food- even allow for a food interval and of course a supply of everyones favourite cold tipples is a must.

6. Agree the buy in levels and maximum anyone can spend – get this all paid in advance to keep everyone calm, controlled and in budget throughout.

7. Get a finishing time and winners split agreed before you start – will help keep the tempo of the game just right.