We have been providing casino party hire for over 10 years now- offering these different styles to suit the party entertainment required. Not sure how fun casino works, or the options? – here are you Casino Party Night options.

1. Casino for Fun- no prizes.
Roulette, Blackjack or Poker hire for the pure fun of it.
We always put the emphasis on enjoyment,interaction and involvement.
Guests each receive a “Fun Money” note to exchange at the tables for chips to play.
Our Croupiers will fully explain the games and likely tell a few casino stories.
Players stay at a table for as long as they are enjoying the games, and can “cash in” at any time for fun money, to take a break or play a different game.
Because this is the “casino for fun only” option players can be given more chips if they run out providing nobody is waiting to play.

2. Casino Table Hire – with a prizewinner.
This option is often better suited to an event with other entertainment such as a band or disco etc.
Fun money notes as usual are given to all guests.
A prize is on offer for the players winning the most chips- friendly competition !
This time if player lose all of their chips they are “out of the game”.
Players can “cash out” at any time for fun money and return to the tables later if they choose to – it is all still very relaxed !
At the end of play our croupiers will work out the top chip winners and prizes can be awarded.

3. Fun Casino Hire- play-off option.
This is an option rarely offered by other companies- but we love it.
This time we round off the evening with a “Finale” – with the luckiest players battling for prizes- often cheered on by the other guests as the ideal end to the Casino entertainment.
The evening runs the same as in option 2 – up until the last 15 minutes.
At this stage the croupiers will again work out the top chip winners.
This time we invite the top 5 for a “Play- Off” for the prizes.
Either playing Roulette or Blackjack we gradually eliminate the lowest chips stack every few minutes until a winner is crowned.

4. Charity Fun Casino/ Casino Party Fundraiser.
A Fun Casino is a great way to raise funds for a charity or needy cause- usually at a Ball or Gala Dinner.
Legally we cannot ever gamble with or for real money at the tables-but raising money is fine and here is how we do it.
Guests can make a specified donation to receive their Fun Money note.
To encourage lots of players and donations a cash or better still a donated prize (or 2 ) is on offer to the winning players.
If a player loses all of their chips they can make another donation and get more fun money.
A separate “Charity Table” to buy the fun money needs to be set up and staffed.
Sevens Casino Nights have seen many £1,000`s raised for great causes whilst providing Fun Casino entertainment.

Hopefully you now know how simple it is to run a Casino Party evening.
Entertainment suitable for all ages and all kinds of event.
We can be stand alone entertainment- or part of a “James Bond themed party” or a “Vegas Casino evening”- we bring the props too !
Our Casino games are suitable for any size of party- As few as 10 or as many as 2,000.
If you need any further information email us at martin@sevenscasinonights.co.uk or call 07813 001315 for a friendly chat.