Film makers love depicting Casinos on film.

Sometimes more flatteringly than others- with varying degrees of accuracy.

  1. Casablanca-1943. A superb movie, casino scenes are light and fun with a repeating #22 on a less than fair wheel helping a young couple escape from Casablanca.
  2. Hustle-BBC1. More than one casino scene in this enjoyable series about a group of con artists. Another “dodgy” roulette wheel features in 1 episode. Tables and croupiers were provided by an excellent London Fun Casino company.
  3. 21. Based on the true story of the exploits at the Blackjack table of a group of US students at M.I.T. Card counting taken to a high level in a decent movie.
  4. Casino -1995. Based on 1970s Vegas. De Niro and Sharon Stone in the lead roles. Mafia, FBI, Corruption all feature in a fast paced tale.
  5. The Croupier-1999. British made, starring Clive Owen. Captures the ambience of life of a croupier well I think. The star is soon embroiled into a murky world of affairs, dishonesty and risk.
  6. Casino Royale-2006. Lavish movie- usual Bond cheese ! Poker is the casino game featured- Bond taking the big pot with a straight flush. Enjoyable Bond romp but not one for the casino purist !
  7. Big Deal-BBC 1984-6. Robbie Box is the “hero” – a poker addict who has his ups and downs. Very well made and well worth a watch for casino lovers.
  8. Hard Eight- 1997. A drive to Vegas to make enough money to pay for a funeral soon escalates !
  9. Rounders-1998. Matt Damon stars. A “referomed ” gambler is forced into playing again to help a friend. Not a favourite of mine but a popular film.
  10. Oceans 11- 2001. A plan to rob 3 casinos at the same time. A decent watch , with some nice casino scenes. Even the awful Julia Roberts can`t spoil it !