Let’s face it: planning family reunions isn’t the easiest task. Somehow, a relative always manages to screw things up; whether it’s a drunken uncle knocking down a table, or a crazy aunt who can’t stop asking personal questions.

Make it less stressful by having a Casino-themed party instead. Apart from removing the pressure on you, it also lessens the chance of anyone getting hurt, or worse, being removed from the family tree.

Not convinced? Then here are some other reasons that will make you think otherwise.

It Helps Blow Off Steam

Every family has had some kind of unresolved drama that, for one reason or another, always blows up during a reunion. Avoid the risk of having two uncles fight over a spite they had 20 years ago, and let them battle it out in a competitive but friendly game of Texas Hold-Em. That way, they can blow off steam and resolve their issues at the same time.

No One’s Left Out

Not all family members are extroverts. Others are left in a corner, stress-eating and wishing the day was over. Casino parties let even the most introverted relatives have some fun, without necessarily interacting with people they’re not comfortable with. Whether it’s betting on a game of roulette or simply participating in a game of Black Jack.

No More Awkward Introductions

Family reunions can be awkward. After years of not seeing each other, there’s always the uncomfortable silence that comes with trying to recall a cousin’s name that you only met once. Throwing a casino-themed party requires guests to wear name tags so that croupiers can address them, which means saying goodbye to those awkward introductions.

It Breaks the Ice

Meeting family members can be nerve-wracking. You always run the risk of an aunt or a cousin recounting an embarrassing story you’d rather forget. Avoid these tension-filled moments by distracting them with good old fun. By taking part in the casino games, they’ll no longer have time to think about embarrassing you.

Everyone Leaves Happy

When it comes to family reunions, everyone’s a judge. People will always have something to complain about; whether it’s the food, the theme or entertainment. But with a casino party, no one would even remember if anything goes wrong because they’ll be too pre-occupied playing games and having fun.

It Strengthens Bonds

At the end of the day, family reunions are meant to foster family bonds. Playing games that allow them to let loose, take risk and just be themselves is a great way of getting to know more about them. What makes them tick, what makes them laugh and what kind of people they are. By getting a better idea of who your family is outside of the stories you hear, you’re sure to look forward to meeting them more, the next time around.

These are just some of the reasons why having a Casino-themed party is great for reunions. Check out our testimonial page for more stories!