Getting married can be a thrilling but at the same nerve-wracking experience. Apart from being expected to look absolutely perfect on your wedding day, there’s also the added pressure of making sure your guests have a great time.  And over the years, weddings have turned into over-the-top production numbers with budgets that can rival any big event. But there are still some ways to make your special day worth remembering without having to break the bank and here are some of them.

Drinks for everyone!

It’s not a party until someone’s dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Ease the tension among guests and make sure to serve a variety of drinks fit to suit the taste of every one present on your big day. From ginger ale to champagne and everything in between, set up a table where anyone and everyone can mix and create their mocktail or cocktail of choice.

Dance the night away

Not everyone is built for hours and hours of socializing, so add a bit of fun to your reception by hiring a dance instructor so everyone can join in. Who knows? Maybe even the wallflowers and introverts will be coaxed out of their shells when they see other guests let lose for a bit of harmless fun.

Perfect your playlist

Nothing quite sets the mood for merriment than music. Whether you want it to be all night party or just simple get-together with close friends and family, the perfect kind of music can keep the party going forever with no awkward silences in between.

Photos for mementos

You don’t need expensive giveaways to make sure guests remember your bid day. After all, it’s the small but meaningful moments that people keep in their hearts long after the last song is sung. So help them keep a memory of you by hiring a photographer or having a photo booth installed in your venue.

Break the ice

Provide entertainment for everyone by including unusual activities where they get to play and interact with others. And what’s a better way of breaking the ice than through a good game of Poker or BlackJack? Keep the fun going through hours and hours of innocent fun and reward the best player of the night! After all, their betting on you and your special partner for the long run, so get the odds going in your favor by ensuring that everyone has a good time.