Sevens Casino Nights have been providing our Fun Casino Hire service since 2008.

We are very proud to have long been regarded as the premier company in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds…but not anywhere else!

We find it both strange and a little sad to see that many Fun Casino Hire companies clearly feel the need to travel far and wide to get work – invariably providing a less reliable lower standard of service and having to employ croupiers from outside of their area that they do not know.

Those foolishly choosing them are taking an avoidable risk with their big day/party.

You have to wonder why they are in business if they are unable to secure work in their own area!

We only ever take on events further afield from existing/returning customers arranging an event is a new area.

We will always gladly refer a Casino party enquiry from out of our area to trusted companies closer by that we know- and have a great “reciprocal help” agreement with a few superb businesses.

It is notable that the numerous excellent successful, long-established successful businesses in our sector are all underpinned by excellent established local venues, customers and staff.

There are many reasons in all aspects of a business to “shop local” whenever possible – and this very much applies to Fun Casinos and other party entertainment.

*Promptness and flexibility is far more assured

*Local trusted staff

*Personality and character “in keeping” with the area

*Supporting your local community

* Environmentally far better

* Cost-effectiveness

* Helping your local economy –keep money circulating locally

In view of the above, it should certainly be a rule of thumb to check out local businesses first before having to look further afield.

Hopefully, see you for a party in “our area” soon!