Entertaining your guests at your wedding throughout the evening is undoubtedly on your mind. There are hundreds of different wedding evening entertainment ideas available on the internet, but we’ve condensed a small list based on the weddings we’ve attended. 


Nearly every wedding involves alcohol unless, of course, it’s against religious beliefs. Most brides and grooms usually have just a bar, but there are so many ways you get creative with a simple concept. 

Create Your Cocktail

Perfect in the summer, your guests can be taught how to make their drink before they can enjoy it rather than being served. 

Free Cocktail Bar

Mobile bars are great at offering free cocktail menus where the bride and groom pay a set amount for the number of guests attending. Guests can choose the cocktail they like for the board-style menu, and it’s pretty impressive for guests when they’ve not experienced it before.

Alcohol Tasting

Beer, wine, whiskey tasting, you name it. There are many types of alcohol tasting entertainments you could have at your wedding. What would you and your guests enjoy most?

Alcohol Games

We all know beer pong, but there are other games too. For example, you can combine traditional games like Jenga with alcohol. Every time someone crashes the tower has to take two shots. 



Feeding your guests is an essential part of your wedding reception. Most newlyweds fill their guests’ tummies by having a traditional meal. However, it doesn’t have to be just that, let alone that at all. Here are some other ideas.

Food Van

In the summer, hiring a food van for your wedding is a form of entertainment. Well, to some extent, and especially if it’s a free all you can eat type. Food vans can literally be anything from pizza to burgers, kebabs, to you name it. 

Ice Cream Van or Machine

A wedding in the summer or bound to be with lots of children, you can’t go wrong with an ice cream van or machine.

Chocolate Fountain

These are a nice little touch, especially if the chocolate is tasty. 

Food Tasting

Have you got foodie guests attending? Consider entertaining them with tasting sessions like cheese tasting or any other type of food for that matter. 



Celebrations require dancing. From live bands to DJs, line dancing, to group dances, there are a number of ways to entertain your guests. 



Casino Table Hire

You can hire a dealer with a casino table like blackjack or roulette to entertain your guests throughout the night. We offer four tables, and you can choose as many tables as you like for your wedding. 

The Shoe Game

Sitting back to back, the bride and groom raise either their shoe or their partner’s shoe to answer humorous questions. 

Wedding Cake Pinata

A few pinatas with sweets inside is bound to entertain children and adults alike at your wedding. 



There you have it. A number of different ideas to entertain your guests. Of course, there are hundreds more different ideas, but these are the most common we’ve experienced.